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08 April 2013 @ 11:19 pm
Undeletable virt-manager connections  
So, virt-manager and I had a fight today. There were several incorrectly-configured connections showing up which I couldn't persistently delete (they'd show back up on next start), or which I couldn't delete at all (this may be more related to libvirt hanging the UI on connection completion, but it was hard to tell).

I looked, found ~/.libvirt, didn't see anything of interest. Looked, found libvirt under ~/.config, but didn't see anything there. Seartching /etc/libvirt/libvirt*.conf for pieces of the offending connections didn't turn up anything.

But I'd forgotten about ~/.gconf, the place where GNOME used to (and apparently still does, despite the presence of ~/.config) stick settings for it and its applications. So I had to emerge gconf-editor, go in, and dig through there, find the presence of the erroneous connection strings under an autostart key and a regular connections list, and remove those values. (If you stumble on this post while having similar difficulties, I've no doubt you'll find what you're looking for.)

That is all.

(Well, OK. I'll gripe about something...why doesn't virt-manager allow creation of storage pools, network devices and other such things? virsh shows that it's possible to do those things, so why doesn't virt-manager?)