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31 July 2011 @ 08:18 pm
OK, cell phones can be strangely durable.  
A few weeks ago, my cell phone (A T-Mobile-branded Huwei Comet) took a swim in a pool. It was discovered quickly, but had completely filled, even with water getting stuck behind the screen.

Removed battery. Removed sdhc and sim card.

Now, there's a spot in my car I liked to keep my phone in, but the phone had warned me a couple times about temperatures in that particular spot. Turned out, it was a kind of solar oven.

I put the phone in there to dry it out. Had to leave it there a couple days to get all the water out--but then the screen warped; it shrank a bit. I assumed the phone was toast. This morning, I bothered to put the battery back in and try it.

It works. Completely, with the minor exception of a distorted screen. (Touch precision is still spot-on to where the screen *should* be, though)

Awesome. Strange, but still awesome.